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Clear Blue Sky 


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"Clear Blue Sky" is a poignant tale of several Maine residents and the effects of 9/11 on them.  Set in 2010/2011 it delves into each individuals lives, relationships and questions. It is a gripping moving piece that will invite you to follow a year in the life of a  variety of locals and newcomers as they deal with anniversaries and memories of the tragic event.


Chris Young as Harvey Goren

Georgie Raiola as Glenn Canfield

Heather Lynn as Carol Morgan

Cristian Naranjo as Jesse Morgan

Linda Ann Vega as Phyllis Goren

Tom Levy as John Goren

Aurora Dreger as Dale Cox

Andrea Bernardo as TV Broadcaster/ Flight Attendant / Cafe Patron

Gary VanderPutten as Cafe Patron / Man At Airport

Doris Martir as Barrista / Woman at Airport

Thomas J. Kane as Maine Local / Terrorist

Ted Thompson as Maine Local / Terrorist


Bruce Karp - Playwright

Thomas N. Tyler - Director

Andrea Bernardo - Assistant Director

Alan Sporing - Lighting Designer

Directors Interview

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