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Make a tax-deductible donation to support the work of the Heights Players.

Without the support and dedication of our diverse, enthusiastic community, we would never have come this far. With your help, we can hope to go even further, and make the Heights Players one of the greatest theaters for the Brooklyn Heights community.

 Not only do you get a great tax-deductible donation, but doing so will enshrine you in our patron list, and, more importantly, will allow us to continue to fulfill our mission of making the Heights Players accessible and affordable for all.

Checks can be mailed to:

The Heights Players

26 Willow Place

Brooklyn NY 11201

Make a Donation

We are so grateful for your support!


Thank you for your support!

Have items you would like to donate?

We accept: 

SET PIECES:  Couches , Ar moires, Lamps Etc.

COSTUMES: Coats, Shoes, Hats, Accessories Etc.

To inquire about how you can donate your items, please email with photos of the items you wish to donate and the best days and times for drop off.

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