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Want to get involved?

There are so many ways you can help!
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  • Lighting Tech

    • Controlling the lighting cues during a production – be an integral part of the cast! 

    • Apprentice as a lighting designer - learn all aspects of designing a lighting grid, selecting and hanging the correct fixture, using gels and gobos.

    • Patching, and programming a show.

    • Luminaire maintenance and repair – Learn how to care for our legacy fixtures and be able to tear them down and rebuild them. 

    • Cable maintenance

  • Sound Tech

    • Controlling the sound cues during a production.

    • Apprentice as a sound designer - Learn all aspects of creating and gathering sound materials from various sources and programming them into our computer. 

    • Using our audio equipment.

  • Set Tech : We can always use help in all aspects of set construction and painting. Every show has several weekends set aside for set building and always strikes after the final performance. These are the vital days when the majority of a show’s set gets done with the help of our volunteers. Give us an hour or two – you will make a difference. All skill levels are needed.

    • Apprentice as a builder

      • Creating technical drawings for a set

      • Using and maintaining our tools – table and bench saws, pneumatics, power hand tools

      • How and where to source materials

      • Designing and building set objects, props, and furniture

    • Apprentice as a set designer

      • Designing a sensible set within the constraints of our theatre

      • Using our track system

      • Using revolves and other systems.

    • Apprentice as a scenic painter

      • Learn how to use and maintain a wide selection of tools that we use to create and enhance our sets through various painting techniques including wood graining, marbling, stippling and glazing walls, stone work, faux metals, texturing floors, stressing walls, trompe l'oeil painting.

  • Properties

  • Costumes

  • Production Stage Management

  • Ushers : By volunteering your time before and during the show, you can be a part of the excitement of live theater – and see a performance for free.

To inquire about any of these volunteer positions,
please f
ill out our form HERE

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