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Cinderella - Enchanted Edition

Music by Richard Rodgers
Book & Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II,
Adapted for the Stage by Tom Briggs,
From the Teleplay by Robert L. Freedman

Directed by: Felisha Heng

October 6th - 22nd

Cinderella -poster- final-11X17.png

About The Show

This timeless musical theater treasure is guaranteed to thrill audiences from ages 9 to 90.

Cinderella, the beautiful and kind-hearted daughter, sees her world turn upside down when her beloved mother dies, and her pained father remarries another woman, the wicked Lady Tremaine, who has two equally cruel daughters, the jealous Grace and Joy. Things go from bad to worse, when Cinderella’s father dies too, leaving her all alone in the Lady’s clutches serving as her maid-of-all-work! Under those circumstances, a shabby and neglected Cinderella doesn’t stand much of a chance of attending the King’s royal ball - let alone, captivate the handsome Prince - unless she turns to her loving Fairy Godmother who has quite a few tricks up her sleeve. Nevertheless, will the wronged damsel ever find peace - and with it - her own Prince Charming?

The timeless enchantment of a magical fairy tale is reborn with the Rodgers & Hammerstein hallmark of originality, charm and elegance. Originally presented on television in 1957 starring Julie Andrews, Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella was the most widely viewed program in the history of the medium. Its recreation in 1965 starring Lesley Ann Warren was no less successful in transporting a new generation to the miraculous kingdom of dreams-come-true, and so was a second remake in 1997, which starred Brandy as Cinderella and Whitney Houston as her Fairy Godmother. 
As adapted for the stage, with great warmth and more than a touch of hilarity, this romantic fairy tale still warms the hearts of children and adults alike. This Enchanted Edition is inspired by the 1997 teleplay.

Meet The Cast

Sabrina Lopez as Cinderella
Amanda Briskin-Wallace as Fairy Godmother
Bryan Chan as Christopher
Marie Ingrisano Isner as Cinderella's Stepmother
Anna Beth Riggs as Grace
Chantel Woo as Joy
Jay Braver as King Maximillian
Kathy Valentine as Queen Constantina
James Canal as Lionel
Annalys Ramirez as Ensemble/ U/S Cinderella
Erech Holder-Hetmeyer as Ensemble/ U/S Prince/ Dance Captain
Indya Cherise as Ensemble/ U/S FairyGodmother
Dylan Warner as Charles the Cat/ Ensemble
Frankie Sulla as Mouse/Ensemble
Katie Crawford as Mouse/Ensemble/ Swing
Marth Brown as Mouse/Ensemble
Zoe Ann Ritchie as Mouse/Ensemble
Catherine Hammer as Ensemble
Mitchell Kelley as Ensemble
Mario Greiner as Ensemble
Freddy Millan as Ensemble
Greg Henry as Ensemble/ Swing 

Pepper Connors as Young Cinderella/Ensemble
Daphne Anne Isner as Child Ensemble
June Sarmazian as Young Cinderella/Ensemble

Creative Team

Felisha Heng (Director)

Morgan DeTogne (Assistant Director)
Anne Rebold (Musical Director)
Cassaundra Reed (Choreographer)
Elizabeth Ukpe (Stage Manager)

Julia Scharf (Costume Designer)

Noel MacDuffie (Lighting Design)

Gary VanderPutten & Noah Chartrand (Set Design)

Kat Shaw (Intimacy Choreographer)

Jan VanderPutten (Props)

Vanessa Lynah (Assistant Stage Manager)

Tori Sanders (Lighting Tech)

Hope Kelly (Costume Team)

Hilary Goldman (Production Coordinator)

Amanda Enriquez (Graphic Designer)
Michelle Maccarone (Promotional Video)
Alex DiTrolio (Directors Interview Video)

Noel MacDuffie (Directors Interview Editor)

Allison St. Rock & Marc A. Hermann (Promo Photography)

Promo Photos