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Jack And The Beanstalk: Beanman's Revenge

Written by: Hilary Goldman & Kevin McAuley
Directed by: Hilary Goldman
Music by: Kevin McAuley

February 10th & 17th
Noon & 2pm Shows

Jack & The Beanstalk: Beanman's Revenge

About The Show

A Participation Play For Children

Adventure-seeking Jack and his mom are struggling to keep their provincial coffee shop in business when a mysterious (yet jazzy) "Beanman" offers a seemingly quick and lucrative solution. Now, Jack and his best friends must go on the quest of a lifetime. But what and who awaits them at the top of the beanstalk? And will they know true danger when they find it?

Join us for one GIANT interactive, family-friendly adventure!

Meet The Cast

Blaze Levario as Jack

Alyson Ryan as Jill

Kaylie DeLauri as Ann Peggy

Cassaundra Reed as Petunia the Cow

Rachel Hering as Jack's Mom

Morgan DeTogne as Beanman

Jason Schulof as Leon, The Gurkle

Amanda Briskin-Wallace as Bernadette the Harp

Felisha Heng as Frank the Goose

Allison St. Rock as The Giant

Creative Team

Hilary Goldman (Director)
Kevin McAuley (Musical Director)

Dina Grilli (Costumes/Props)
Stephanie Hollander (Lights)

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