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Prelude To A Kiss

Adapted by Craig Lucas
Directed by: Michelle Maccarone

January 5th - 14th

The Heights Players presents Prelude To A Kiss, by Craig Lucas, Directed by Michelle Maccarone.

About The Show

An impulsive wedding day. A bizarre body swap. Love must conquer all.

An old man; A young bride; A kiss. Snuggle up for the holidays with this charming, modern fairy tale that explores the enduring power of love. A Broadway hit about a storybook wedding gone awry,

Critic Frank Rich wrote: "...this play can be taken as an indirect treatment of [AIDS]. The epidemic is to Mr. Lucas what Babi Yar was to D.M. Thomas, and Peter's fidelity to his true love's soul is transparent. Critic James Hebert wrote: "When it premiered in 1990 it was widely presumed to be an oblique response to the ravages of AIDS. Long removed from that time, it becomes a broader commentary on eternal topics like the limits of love and the meaning of commitment."

Meet The Cast

Creative Team

Michelle Maccarone (Director)

Amanda Enriquez (Graphic Designer)
Michelle Maccarone (Promotional Video)
Alex DiTrolio (Directors Interview Video)

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