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A Murder Is Announced

by Leslie Darbon
Adapted from the novel by Agatha Christie

Directed by: Elizabeth Bove

March 1st - 10th

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About The Show

Miss Marple must solve a murder that is published before it happens.

An announcement in the local paper states the time and place when a murder is to occur in Miss Blacklock's Victorian house. The victim is not one of the house's several occupants, but an unexpected and unknown visitor. What follows is a classic Christie puzzle of mixed motives, concealed identities, a second death and a determined inspector grimly following the case's twists and turns. Fortunately, Miss Marple is on hand to provide the solution – at some risk to herself – in a dramatic final confrontation.

In a classic Agatha Christie tale of concealed identities, desperation, mixed motives, and another death, it takes a risky strategy to uncover the true identity of the murderer.

Meet The Cast

Noelle McGrath as Miss Marple
Noelle Teagno as Letitia Blacklock
Chloe Webb as Julia Simmons
Justin Dudo as Patrick Simmons
Margaret Sullivan as Dora Bunner
Norah Hoffmann as Mitzi
Helena Barth as Phillipa Haymes
Noah Chartrand as Edmund Swettenham
Heather Lynn as Mrs. Swettenham
Gordon Rothman as Inspector Craddock
Dylan Warner as Rudi Scherz
Linda Vega as Miss Marple u/s (Performance 3/9 @ 2pm)
Edna Welthorpe as Dora Bunner u/s (Performance 3/9 @ 2pm)
Maddie Dummermuth as Julia/Phillipa u/s (Performance 3/9 @ 2pm)

Creative Team

Elizabeth Bove (Director)
Bridget McJohn (Costumes)
Gary VanderPutten (Set Design)
Jan VanderPutten (Props)

Chris Carlson (Production Coordinator)
Isaiah Michaels (Asst. Director)
Marialana Ardolino (Production Stage Manager)
Lucia Burns (Asst. Stage Manager)
Bridget McJohn
 (Asst. Stage Manager)
Dylan Warner (Asst. Stage Manager)

Hope Kelly (Costume Asst.)
Alan Sporing (Lighting Design)
Katie Crawford (Lighting Tech)
Marialana Ardolino (Sound Tech)

Amanda Enriquez (Graphic Designer)
Michelle Maccarone (Promotional Video)
Alex DiTrolio (Directors Interview Video)

Marc A. Hermann (Production Photos)

Promo Photos
by Marc A. Hermann

Directors Interviews

Promo Video

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