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Auditions for Picasso At The Lapin Agile


Monday, February 5th at 7pm

Tuesday, February 6th at 7pm

Callbacks: Wednesday, February 7th

Rehearsal Dates*
Starting Monday Feb. 12th–Thursday Apr. 4th
Sunday-Thursday, Sundays 6-9pm
and weekday evenings 7-10pm.

*you will not be called to every rehearsal

Performance Dates
April 5th-14th: Fri. & Sat. 8pm & Sundays 2pm
PLUS: Sat. April 13th 2pm

Audition Requirements:

Please bring a headshot/resume, and prepare a contemporary monologue. All roles are open to actors of all ages, gender identities, race.​ 

Please note that The Heights Players is a non-profit theater and this is a non-equity production. All cast and crew volunteer their time and talent. The Heights Players is a membership organization, there is no pay or stipend for any role or position.
There is a $20 membership fee, if cast.

The Heights Players is located at:
26 Willow Place, bet. State & Joralemon Streets
in Brooklyn Heights. 

Click For Directions to the John Bourne Theater

Picasso At The Lapin Agile

by Steve Martin
Directed by Bernard Bosio

Synopsis: This absurd comedy explores the possibilities, such as what would happen if Albert Einstein bumped into Pablo Picasso in a French bar in 1904, just before both gentlemen became household names. A wacky group of regulars that inhabit the Lapin Agile get to witness the event, as well as a visitor from the future who gets things all shook up.

PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE is a delightful tale of “what-ifs” which will charm, entertain, create some belly laughs, and also raise some serious philosophical questions. 


Please note that people of all races, genders, and abilities are encouraged to audition for this inclusive and collaborative production. We will also be casting some understudies for the roles. Understudies will get at least one performance. 

  • FreddyMale, 30+ The owner and bartender of the Lapin Agile. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but kindhearted, and resolved to his position in life. Devoted to his longtime girlfriend, Germaine.

  • Germaine: Female, 30+ Long suffering girlfriend of Freddy. Waitress or barmaid of the Lapin Agile. She knows she is trapped in her life and is not wholly unhappy. Audience sees glimpses of her superior intelligence and her frustration with her lot in life as an independent woman in 1900s France.

  • Albert EinsteinMale, 20-35 A physicist a year prior to his publication "The Theory of Relativity." He is full of energy, distracted, and optimistic about what the future will bring.

  • Pablo PicassoMale, 20-35 A painter. Egotistical, with a talent that justifies it. Frustrated that his genius is not yet recognized. He does not share Einstein’s optimism.

  • SagotMale, 40+ Picasso’s art dealer. Confident. Knows his business, knows how to handle “art types”. Likes success and wants more.

  • Suzanne, The Countess, or Admirer: Female, 19-30 This versatile actress will play three multiple roles, from Picasso’s most recent conquest, to Einstein’s brilliant but equally scatterbrained paramour.

  • Schmendiman: Male 21-35 A man who is completely convinced of his own genius. A huckster and snake oil salesman. Sees himself as an equal of Einstein and Picasso. It is doubtful history will see it the same way.

  • The VisitorMale, 21-39 Acts a lot like a young Elvis Presley.

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