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Monday, January 8th at 7pm

Tuesday, January 9th at 7pm

Callbacks: Wednesday, January 10th

Rehearsal Dates*
Starting Monday Jan. 15th–Thursday Feb. 29th
Sunday-Thursday, Sundays 6-9pm
and weekday evenings 7-10pm.

*you will not be called to every rehearsal

Performance Dates
March 1st-10th: Fri. & Sat. 8pm & Sundays 2pm
PLUS: Sat. March 9th 2pm

Audition Requirements:

Please bring headshot/resume. Audition will consist of readings from the script. Sides will be provided at the audition. Open to all ethnicities and races. All roles require a British accent except Mitzi, who is East European.

Please note that The Heights Players is a non-profit theater and this is a non-equity production. All cast and crew volunteer their time and talent. The Heights Players is a membership organization, there is no pay or stipend for any role or position.
There is a $20 membership fee, if cast.

The Heights Players is located at:
26 Willow Place, bet. State & Joralemon Streets
in Brooklyn Heights. 

Click For Directions to the John Bourne Theater

A Murder Is Announced

by Leslie Darbon 
Adapted from the novel by
Agatha Christie
Directed by Elizabeth Bove

Synopsis: Post-war England. A notice appears in the local newspaper of the village of Chipping Cleghorn: "A murder is announced and will take place on Friday, 29 October, at Little Paddocks, at 6.30pm. Friends accept this, the only intimation". This surprises Letitia Blacklock, owner of Little Paddocks, but she prepares for her possible guests. As the clock strikes 6.30, the lights go out, the door swings open, revealing an armed, masked man with a blinding flashlight. Shots are fired. When the lights come on, Miss Blacklock is bleeding, and the masked man is…dead. 


A full investigation takes place, conducted by Detective Craddock, and of course, with the aid of Miss Marple. Who is the dead man? Who was his intended victim? Did he die from a suicide or an accident? Is anybody who they seem to be? The death count grows - even Miss Marple herself is at risk. The more the detectives discover, the more dangerous the situation gets.


Please note that people of all races, genders, and abilities are encouraged to audition for this inclusive and collaborative production. We will also be casting some understudies for the roles. Understudies will get at least one performance.

  • Miss Marple: (Age: 60–70) Miss Marple is overly inquisitive, grandmotherly, but shrewd. Amateur detective. 

  • Letitia Blacklock: (Age: 45+) Owner of Little Paddocks, Letitia is attractive. She has clearly looked after her figure and features. She has taken in Bunny as well as Julia, Patrick and Phillipa. Reserved and opinionated.

  • Julia Simmons: (Age: 20-30s) Julia is staying with her Aunt Letitia. She is studying pharmacy. Beautiful but difficult.

  • Patrick Simmons: (Age: 20s-30s) Julia’s brother, Patrick is a very handsome young man. A jokester, fights with Julia.

  • Dora Bunner: (Age: 45+) Dora is Letitia’s school chum who has become her companion. Befuddled.

  • Mitzi: (Age: 20s-30s) Lettie’s cook, Mitzi is dark and mid-European or Asian (e.g. Hungarian, Romanian, Yugoslavian, Chinese etc.). She is explosive, if not paranoid but is very funny.

  • Phillipa Haymes: (Age: 30s) Tall, rather elegant looking, blonde, and classy, Phillipa is a war widow with a young son.

  • Edmund Swettenham: (Age: 20s) A serious young man with pretensions of being a writer, Edmund is dark and foreign looking, though very British. Embarrassed by his mother. He is interested in Phillipa.

  • Mrs. Swettenham:  (Age: 58–60) Mrs. Swettenham is new to the village, she is very pushy but easily flustered. 

  • Inspector Craddock: (Age: 40s, 50s+) Craddock is the local police inspector.

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