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By: Douglas Carter Beane
Music & Lyrics by Jeff Lynne & John Farrar
Directed by: Noel MacDuffie

February 3rd - 19th


About The Show

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, a hilarious, roller skating, musical adventure about the magic of falling in love (when you simply cannot help yourself!)

When ancient Greek muses appear in 1980 Venice Beach, plucky Clio disguises herself as a roller skating Aussie named Kira to inspire street artist Sonny Malone. Fueled by hits like “Evil Woman”, “I’m Alive”, “Magic” and of course the title track “Xanadu”, this delightfully self aware redo of the original movie has plenty of heart but does not take itself too seriously!

Come remember the inimitable Olivia Newton John with us and enjoy Xanadu!

Meet The Cast

Sonny inspired 20230202-DSC03015
Xanadu Letters 20230202-DSC04345
Sonny images roller disco 20230202-DSC03458
Sonny 20230202-DSC04333
Sonny dances20230202-DSC04224
Muses Terpsicore doubts 20230202-DSC02741
Muses Listening 20230202-DSC02704
Muses Euterpe 20230202-DSC03043
Melpomene 20230202-DSC03142
Muses cropped 20230202-DSC04114
Mel and Cal Calliope 20230202-DSC03235
Kira and Sonny Sonny sneaks a peak Suddenly 20230202-DSC03376
Kira incandescent 20230202-DSC02949
Kira Celebrates20230202-DSC05435
Kira and Sonny Skate transfer 20230202-DSC03422
Kira and Manuela 20230202-DSC04830
Kira and Danny Kubla Khan20230202-DSC04446
Gods Mellow Arrow 20230202-DSC05574
Erato Alive w veil 20230202-DSC02657
Danny temptation 20230202-DSC04661
Danny crop 20230202-DSC03506
Dancers Kat the Tube 20230202-DSC03869
Dancers Skate in Xanadu 20230202-DSC06062
Dancers mb 20230202-DSC03825
Dancers mmbk 20230202-DSC05807
Dancers Fans Manuela 20230202-DSC05777
Andrew Sisters 20230202-DSC03757

Creative Team

Director: Noel MacDuffie
Assistant Directors: Maisa Chiang
Music Director: Jorden Amir
Choreographer: Luca Villa
Associate Choreographer: Alessia Secli

Dance Captain:MaryBeth Rodgers

Muse Captain: Grace Hyland
Set Design: Gabby Irving
Mural: Asha Gaines-Smith
Costume Design: Pearl Gopalani
Costume Assistant: Delaney Accomando, Hope Kelly

Puppet Design & Build: Pam Wagner, Nass Reda Fathmi, Emily LaRosa, William Couisneau
Sound Design: Cameron McIntosh
Props: Emily LaRosa
Wigs: Gary Lizardo

Lighting Design: Noel MacDuffie
Stage Manager: Kiernan Black
Assistant Stage Manager: Isaiah Michaels
Lighting Tech: Katie Crawford
Sound/Projection/Costume Tech: Aurora Dreger

Graphic Designer: Ruthie Rosenfeld

Promotional Video: Hilary Goldman, Kevin McAuley

Director's Interview Video: Alex DiTrolio

Director's Interview Editor: Noel MacDuffie

Photographer: Stephen Pisano

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