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What The Butler Saw

By: Joe Orton

Directed by: Thomas J. Kane

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A two-act farce, revolving around Dr Prentice, a psychiatrist attempting to seduce his attractive prospective secretary, Geraldine Barclay. The play opens with the doctor examining Geraldine in a job interview, during which he persuades her to undress. The situation becomes more intense when Mrs Prentice enters, causing the doctor to hide Geraldine behind a curtain. His wife, however, is also being seduced and blackmailed, by Nicholas Beckett. She therefore promises Nicholas to post as secretary, which adds further confusion, including Nicholas, Geraldine and a police officer dressing as members of the opposite sex. Dr Prentice's clinic is also faced with a government inspection, led by Dr Rance, which reveals the chaos in the clinic. Dr Rance talks about how he will use the situation to develop a new book: "The final chapters of my book are knitting together: incest, buggery, outrageous women and strange love-cults catering for depraved appetites. All the fashionable bric-a-brac."



Director: Thomas J. Kane

Stage Manager/Sound DESIGN: Marialana Ardolino

Costumes: James Martinelli

Set Designer: Gary E VanderPutten

Lighting Designer: Alan Sporing

Asst. Lighting Tech: Valerie O'Hara

Prop Mistress: Jan VanderPutten

Production Props: Steven Ackerman

Graphic Design:  Amanda Enriquez

Directors Interview

Promo Video

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