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The Heights Murders
A choose your own adventure
VIRTUAL theatrical experience

The Heights Players presents Noel MacDuffie’s tale of six adventure-seeking retirees who get more than they bargained for when they pay for exclusive access to an abandoned theater. Their fellows keep turning up dead from bizarrely lethal encounters with teacups, bad Shakespeare, and worst of all: Too Much Sexy! Can the group crack the mystery of The Weeping Woman before they are all hustled into an early(ish) grave?

Audiences are empowered to follow their favorite couple and select their path throughout this interactive adventure.

A ticket grants you 24-hour access so you can “play” over and over, making different choices each time.


Conceived, written, and directed by Noel MacDuffie, with original music by John LaSala and game development by Emily Twines, The Heights Murders is The Heights Players’ January/February offering. The adventure begins on Friday, January 29!


The Heights Murders cast:
Meg Dooley, Chris Carlson, Liz Bove, Felisha Heng, John Squires, Thomas N. Tyler, Valerie O’Hara, Thomas J. Kane, Hannah Simpson, Tyler Macia, Isaiah Michaels, Amanda C. Enriquez, Corrine Contrino, Gary VanderPutten, Marialana Ardolino, Ed Healy, and Andrea Bernardo.


Follow your favorite couple and select their path as death by wig or bad Shakespeare lurks behind every door!

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