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(The Gruesomely Merry Adventures of An Irrepressibly Sensible Capitalist With A Vengeance)


By: Doug DeVita   
Directed by: Dana DiAngelo


In an alternate London of 1820 during the joyous reign of King Stanley V8, Elinor and Marianne Wood, the illegitimate daughters of Sir Henry Dashwood and his cook, have become Nell Dash and Nance. Their vile half-sister-in-law Lady Fanny Ferrars Dashwood stops at nothing to keep them from getting a single penny of the annuity they have inherited, whilst at the same time trying to attain the two strands of pearls given the girls when they fled Devonshire, pearls which have mysteriously disappeared and have a strange history of their own. 



Director: Dana DiAngelo
Asst. Director / Costumes: James Martinelli
Set Designer: Gary E VanderPutten
Lighting Designer: Alan Sporing
Props: Hilary Goldman
Stage Manager: Marialana Ardolino
Sound Designer: Felisha Heng
Lighting Tech: Patrick Forde

Production Photos by Joe Pacifico

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