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Lost In Yonkers

By: Neil Simon
Directed by: Kerry Wolf

April 14th - 23rd


About The Show

In this Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning comedy, Eddie Kurnitz leaves his two teenage sons with his estranged mother. The boys are left to contend with their stern Grandma, their mentally challenged Aunt Bella and her secret romance, and Uncle Louie, a small-time hoodlum in a strange new world called Yonkers.

Meet The Cast

Alex Perone as Louie
Daniel Condon as Arty (1st Weekend)
Harry O'Neill as Arty (2nd Weekend)
LaRena Iocco as Gert
Noelle McGrath as Grandma Kurnitz
Nate Becker as Jay
Dani Tolan as Eddie
Lisa Whitten as Bella

Daniel Condon as u/s Jay (Sat. 4/22)
Lucia Burns as u/s Bella (Sat. 4/15)
Heather Lynn as u/s Gert (Sun. 4/23)
Bill Barry as u/s Louie (Fri. 4/21)
Ran Isner as u/s Eddie (Sat. 4/22)
Liz Bove as u/s Grandma Kurnitz (Sun. 4/16)

Creative Team

Kerry Wolf (Director)
Marialana Ardolino (Production Coordinator)
Katie Crawford
(Stage Manager)

Isaiah Michaels (Stage Manager)
Andrea Messina Smargiassi (Asst. Stage Manager/Props)
Gary VanderPutten (Set Design)
Leo J. Contrino (Lighting Design)
German Bosquez (Sound Design)
James Martinelli (Costume Design)
Richard Allen (Lighting Tech)

David Moseder (Sound Tech)
Joe Pacifico (Photographer)
Ruthie Rosenfeld (Graphic Designer)
Michelle Maccarone (Promotional Video)
Alex DiTrolio (Directors Interview Video)

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