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Four Short Plays

by Paul Espel

Directors Note:

I was very lucky to have met Paul Espel when he was acting and writing feverishly in his prime.  When I was acting in his plays I understood who I was and what my purpose was in the world he created.  Like Arthur Miller, Paul’s writings went right into my soul.  There was no guesswork on what I needed to do to bring his characters to life.  When he passed away, I found myself with a large collection of his writings and plays.  He wrote full productions as well as shorts and monologues.

The 4 one-acts which I chose to bring to the Heights Players stage centers around Isolation or Desperation, a choice for you as the audience.  Real people. Real circumstances thru a slice of life. 

I am honored to have such a talented cast of actors as well as a great stage manager whom I consider my friend and AD.  Thanks for all of your hard work, Jan (props), Leo (lighting), and Chris (editor)

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Carol Espel who encouraged me to bring her husband’s writings to life on this wonderful stage.

Directors Interview

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