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Cinderella or a Godmother's Tale

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Get your wands ready for a new take on a fairy tale classic!

Her kingdom's broke and her son’s a dope, so the Queen plans a ball to lift everyone’s spirits. But one subject, Cinderella, is doomed to stay in the dumps. That is, until her Fairy Godmother (in training) arrives to lend a helping hand! With limited resources at their disposal, not to mention her Evil Step-Family being royal pains, Cinderella and her friends must learn to find magic in ordinary places. If they’re lucky, they’ll get Cindy to the ball in style - and maybe even save the Kingdom while they’re at it!


Join us on this musical journey of friendship, self-discovery, and general silliness to see how it all plays out! Participation from home is optional, but always encouraged and celebrated.

Directors Interview

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