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Annual Gala

June 21st & 22nd @ 8pm

About the Show

Pride: A Celebration of
LGBTQ+ Icons and Allies

Each year, The Heights Players ends the season with our fundraising Gala
A musical revue with raffles, trivia, and prizes.
featuring songs from pop icons and Broadway favorites, and performances
by new and veteran Heights Players, this is an event for the whole community!

Creative Team

Aurora Dreger Director & Choreographer
Annie Rebold
Musical Director
Andrea Bernardo
Assistant Director
Alessia Secli & Francesca Sulla Assistant Choreographers
Felisha Heng 
♡ Narration Scripts

Noel MacDuffie ♡ Lighting Design - Jeremy Beck ♡ Lighting Tech


Alessia Seclì ♡ Andrea Bernardo Bea Tria ♡ Danny McWilliams ♡ David Moseder ♡ Dylan Warner

Gary Lizardo ♡ Greg Henry ♡ Izzy Michaels ♡ James Martinelli ♡ Jennifer Rubins ♡ LaRena Iocca
Lucia Burns ♡ Marc Hermann ♡ Marie Ingrisano Isner ♡ Matt Matros ♡ Molly Balk
Nicole Hepburn ♡ Sarah Wolf ♡ Sylvester Nunnery ♡ Tori Crow ♡ Tyler Austin White 

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