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Dinner at Eight

By: Edna Ferber and George S.Kaufman
Directed by: Thomas N. Tyler

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About the Show

Dinner At Eight is a classic 1930's “dramedy” by the highly regarded Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman. It is the story of a society matron and her plans to throw a truly elegant dinner party. It delves into the intertwined lives of each of the invited guests during the week leading up to the party. It features a large ensemble cast of well written character roles. It is a rarely done piece, having only two major Broadway revivals (1966 and 2003). It was previously presented at the Heights Players in 1982. The play was made in 1933 into a now classic film featuring the talents of such well known actors of the time as Jean Harlow, Marie Dressler, Billie Burke, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore and Wallace Beery.

Meet the Cast

Millicent Jordan - Liz Bove

Oliver Jordan - Kerry Wolf

Paula Jordan - Isabelle Fisher

Dan Packard - Marc Hermann

Kitty Packard - Andrea Bernardo

Carlotta Vance - Linda Vega

Larry Renault - Gary Lizardo

Max Kane - Ted Thompson

Dr. J. Wayne Talbot - David Shakopi

Lucy Talbot - Heather Lynn

Hattie Loomis - Margaret Sullivan

Ed Loomis - Steve Ackerman

Dora - Karina Verna

Gustave - Shawn Guerra

Ricci - Sam Cini

Mrs. Wendel - Noelle Teagno

Tina - Holly Sauchuck

Joe Stengel - Hugh Heckman

Eddie, the bellboy - Josh Karen

Mr. Hatfield - James Martinelli

Miss Fitch - Annie Bonello

Miss Fosdick - Emily Renee

Miss Alden - Heather Violanti

Miss Copeland - Catherine Morales

Hotel Maid - Elizabeth Kuzila

Featured Dancer - Hannah Simpson

Creative Team

Director: Thomas N. Tyler

Assistant Director/Fight Choreographer: Andrea Bernardo

Choreographers: Aurora Dreger and Eileen Delgado

Stage Manager: Arthur Strasburger

Set Design: Gary VanderPutten

Costumes: James Martinelli

Lighting Design: Alan Sporing

Sound Design: Marialana Ardolino

Poster Design: Amanda Enriquez

Production Manager: Robert Wachewski

Directors Interview

Promo Video

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