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(The Gruesomely Merry Adventures of An Irrepressibly Sensible Capitalist With A Vengeance)


By: Doug DeVita   
Directed by: Dana DiAngelo


In an alternate London of 1820 during the joyous reign of King Stanley V8, Elinor and Marianne Wood, the illegitimate daughters of Sir Henry Dashwood and his cook, have become Nell Dash and Nance. Their vile half-sister-in-law Lady Fanny Ferrars Dashwood stops at nothing to keep them from getting a single penny of the annuity they have inherited, whilst at the same time trying to attain the two strands of pearls given the girls when they fled Devonshire, pearls which have mysteriously disappeared and have a strange history of their own. 


Monday October 11, Tuesday October 12,
7pm - 9pm 
Callbacks Wednesday October 13th 7:30pm

Performance Dates:
12/3, 12/4, 12/5,12/10, 12/11, 12/12
Audition Requirements:
Please bring your headshot & resume
Sides / Monologues provided at audition

We encourage performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages,
to attend every audition.

The Heights Players is located at:
26 Willow Place, between
State and Joralemon Streets in Brooklyn Heights.

The Heights Players is a membership organization. There is no pay or stipend for any role or position. There is a $20 membership fee if cast.


Player 1: Nell Dash: A cheerful but sensible pie-maker 32 F

Player 2: Lady Fanny Dashwood: A selfish, evil, upper-crusted woman 36 F

Player 3: Nance / Nell's younger sister, a prostitute 28 F AND Estella Adopted child of Miss Havisham 23 F

Player 4: Celia Peachum / Polly's ambitious, conniving mother 35 F AND Miss Pross / An elderly customer of Nell's 75 F AND Wackford Squeers A hospital attendant 30 M

Player 5: Dodger / A teenage pickpocket 15 M AND Edward Ferrars / Fanny's gentle younger brother 33 M AND Mr. Todd / A socially awkward barber 35 M AND Executioner An executioner 30 M

Player 6: Fagin / An old Jewish leader of thieves 60 M AND Mr. Brownlow / The Dashwood family solicitor 60 M AND Dr. Grimwig / A grumpy doctor 60 M AND Abel Magwitch Another elderly thief 60 M

Player 7:  Toby Muzzle (or just Muzzle) / A dim-witted but gentle footman 39 M AND Miss Aurelia Havisham / A recluse 65 F AND The Beadle / An unctuous minor official 35 M AND King Stanley V8 The King of this alternate England 37 M

Player 8: Polly Peachum / A crafty little girl, very pretty 8 F AND Bill Sikes / A notoriously violent thief 35 M AND Tiger Brown / An ambitious but genial policeman 40 M AND Mr. Jaggers The Havisham family solicitor 40 M 

Player 9: Bullseye, the dog (portrayed as a puppet) 

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