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**All those auditioning must provide proof of complete vaccination. All those auditioning are required to wear masks when not auditioning**

Monday, September 12th at 7:00 pm

Tuesday, September 13th at 7:00 pm

Callbacks: Wednesday, September 14th at 7:00pm


Rehearsals begin immediately after casting

Performances: November 4th-13th, Fri-Sat-Sun

Audition Requirements:

Please bring a headshot and resume.

Looking for adult performers of all ages as well as two boys (11-13). No advance preparation is necessary. The audition will consist of readings from the script. Auditions are open to actors of all ages, genders, race.​

*We are also currently seeking a Stage Manager for this production. If interested, please email


By James Lapine
Directed by Thomas N. Tyler



ACT ONE is based on the acclaimed autobiography of famed playwright Moss Hart. It travels his journey from Bronx poverty to his success as one of America’s most important writers of the twentieth century. It made its NYC premiere in 2014 at Lincoln Center Theatre.

The Heights Players is located at:26 Willow Place, betweenState and Joralemon Streets in Brooklyn Heights.

The Heights Players is a membership organization. There is no pay or stipend for any role or position. There is a $20 membership fee if cast.



Please note: Most of the characters are based on real people. Movement ability is helpful for some roles

Moss Hart - Young man - Eager, energetic, willing to please - wants desperately a career in the theatre - tour de force role - onstage for almost the entire show. Must be able to play 20-30

Hart - Moss as a middle aged man - narrator, commentator(like the Stage Manager in Our Town) looks back in his memory at his childhood and early career

Mossy - Moss as a young boy (11-13) - fascinated by the theatre - idolizes his Aunt Kate which puts a strain on his relationship with his father

George S. Kaufman - Established brilliant playwright- becomes Moss’ collaborator - definitely OCD - eccentric, demanding, full of idiosyncracies

Barnett Hart (Father) - Moss’ father - working class -controlling - slightly abusive - Cockney accent

Lillie Hart - Moss’ mother - somewhat submissive - torn between devotion to her husband and sister - Cockney accent

Bernie Hart - Moss’ younger brother (11-13) - idolizes Moss

Aunt Kate - Moss’ aunt - Lillie’s sister - puts on airs - in constant battle with her brother-in-law - obsessed with the theatre - overdone and affected English accent

Eddie Chodorov, Irving Gordon, Dore Schary - Moss’ three office boy sidekicks who all have theatrical ambitions (and all succeeded) - Energetic, enthusiastic -Great roles - age 20-30

Beatrice Kaufman - Classy wife and hostess - tries to keep her husband sane and supportive to Moss

Frieda Fishbein - Moss’ pushy flamboyant literary agent

*Sam Harris - The famed Broadway producer - authoritative but understanding

*Augustus Pitou - Second rate producer who gives Moss his first break

*Priestly Morrison - Director of Moss’ first show

*Max Siegel - Sam Harris’ general manager - genial and good natured

*Jed Harris - flamboyant producer - appears at one point in a towel - Austrian accent - enemy of Kaufman

*Charles Gilpin - an alcoholic actor - African American - originated the title role in The Emperor Jones - frustrated by racial prejudice in the theatre

*Theatre Manager - tries to keep his theatre running smoothly - has his hands full with Gilpin

*Langston Hughes - (African American), Harpo Marx, Alexander Woollcott, Irving Berlin - Famous men in Kaufman’s Algonquin Round Table set

*Joseph Regan - Second rate Irish actor- Speaks with a brogue - prima donna - singing helpful

*George, Jerry, Porter - Actors in Kaufman and Hart’s Once In A Lifetime

*Two Workmen - Redneck co-workers of Moss - Rough, uneducated

*Mrs. Henry B. Harris - Elegant theatrical backer and owner of the Hudson Theatre - Titanic survivor

*Belle Steinberg - Brooklynese secretary to Pitou

*Edna Ferber, Dorothy Parker, Aline McMahon - famous women in Kaufman’s Algonquin Round Table social set

*David Allen, Ingenue, Shirley, Wally - Actors and crew members of Moss’ first play

*Roz, Muriel, Ida - talentless chorines in a Catskills revue

*May - Leading lady in Kaufman and Hart’s play, Once In A Lifetime - Think Eve Arden or Bea Arthur

*Helen - Supporting player in Once In A Lifetime - Gossip columnist a la Hedda Hopper

*Lady Caroline, Hester Worsley, Sir John - Characters in an Oscar Wilde play - Caroline and John have proper British accents. Hester is American.

*Mrs. Estelle Rosenbloom - Busybody boarder of the Harts

*Mr. and Mrs. Borofsky, Slimowitz - The Harts’ other boarders

*Mary - Maid - Employee of the Kaufman’s

*Phyllis - Boarding House receptionist

*Two Latecomers, Usher, Assorted Actors, Party Guests, Dancers, Hotel Guests, Chorus Girls, etc.

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